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So, 2:30AM, I’m cleaning my shop, working on a new leash ( Blue, Charcoal and Black ) My Six Strand Round Braid Leash is quickly becoming my favorite leash to make. I like the three color look, it just works well. I think I might try a 4 Color 8 Strand Gaucho leash?

while cleaning the shop to get things out of the way for getting the wood burner’s stack out the roof this weekend, I have been shucking things around. I need to move my Desktop from one side of my shop to the other…the plan is to put a “Small” 32 inch monitor in my main work space. It will be nice to watch Movies and crap while I Braid stuff. But, in doing one thing another project pops up, now that I have my own Domain and Website; the Ideas flow. I would like to run My own Media Server/ Host my own Website thing… But it will be awhile.

In the mean time I clean, and try to set up a good work environment that allows me to do other things…Next Domain?