Paracord Dog Leash, Blue, Charcoal and Black


Acid Blue and Black with a Charcoal Accent color with Brass hardware




Paracord Dog Leash, Acid Blue, Charcoal and Black. 6 Strand. Braided in a Modified Round Braid with American Made 550 Parcord. 6 Foot Length, 3-20 foot Strands of 550 Paracord braided around a Solid Brass Hardware Swivel Latch and a Solid Brass Accessory ring at the Handle.This is a Very Strong,Very Durable Leash, A Diamond knot at the latch has been doubled and tied in a way that Holds the Latch firmly in place, then the main body has been braided in a Modified Round braid. The Handle is then wrapped back into the Main leash section and Back Braided into itself, And a column of snake knots finishes it all off. This technique makes the Leash very strong

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Weight9 oz


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