3 Days…

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So Nice, I have a three day weekend. I always seem to have a ton of stuff to do when I have time off, Friday Xmas Shopping, but I think Saturday and Sunday are Clear for the Most part. Which is good Because I am working on a few Different Projects and would like to have a couple done by Sunday night so I can post some Pictures.

I am working on a Collar to Match the Last Leash I Made, an 8 Strand three Color Gaucho Braid,



I decided what weave to use and will be starting it when done with this. And Two more Belts, 1 Like the previous belts and another one that is Blue and White? and I am setting up for a New Leash, Not sure if it will be an 8 Strand or a Six Strand, But the Colors will be OD Green, Coyote run Camo, and Possibly Black but maybe Green, But could also be Two Color??? But a Collar to go along with that as well.