550 Paracord Dog Collars, All my Collars are adjustable, with either High quality steel or Brass Hardware. Measure your pets neck, the best place is right where your pets collar normally rides, if your pet already wears a collar measure the “Latched area” ( tip of the buckle to the hole the Finger latch fits in) for length. If your pet does not wear a collar the best way is to use a seamstress tape, wrap around your pets neck and check the measurement that it comes out to. I prefer a snug measurement, not tight but snug, I will add about 4-5 inches to this measurement for plenty of adjustment.

od green coyote and black
OD Green, Coyote and Black Paracord Dog Collar
OD Green, Coyote and Black 550 Paracord Dog Collar, Matte Finish Steel Buckle, 6 Strand Core. Please select Product Size from the drop down Menu,
  • Medium 12-15 inches
  • Large 16-19 inches
  • Extra Large 20-23 inches
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