Putting in time…

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Nov 3rd 1:45 AM, Listening to live Joe Satriani from “Satriani Live” What an Amazing Guitar Player, to See this guy live is such a pleasure.

I Braid and Tie and work on things every night after work, when the weekend gets here…Marathon time.

This whole website adventure has been an experience, a lot of fun. So Planing for my Server, actually a media server. I have a fairly large Music catalog and a few Movies ( about 200 ) But now with a Website I might give hosting it myself a shot, Down the road…

The shop is starting to come together, a little re cabling to do for my Pc’s.  A Monitor will be installed into my workstation so I can watch Videos while working, The wood Burner will Be Going Saturday Night, and some other rearranging.

Work wise I have been concentrating a lot on leashes, My 6 Strand Modified Round braid Leash is a real piece of work. I post pictures on my face book and to a couple groups, I get a few compliments and a lot of likes.

They are a lot nicer than most I see on line and I think it is because I put the effort into the work to make the best leash or whatever it is I can.

Ultimately, I am asking people to give me their hard earned money for my products, I at least owe them the best product possible, after all it is my reputation at stake.

Busy, Busy!