New Leashes and Collars

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I haven’t posted in awhile, But I have been Busy with the Flea Market and everything else. Here are some new Leashes and a Collar I have been working on

black coyote od green

Black, Coyote and OD Green 6 Strand Leash

OD Green and Camo

OD Green and Camo 6 Strand Leash


Black OD Green

Black and Tan

A Black and OD Green and a Black and Tan Camo 8 Strand dog Leashes.

The last black and Tan one I made went to a customer in Australia, this is the one that takes its place.

OD Green Coyote and Black

A Leash and Collar Set.

This coming winter I have plans to have a Leash and Collar set for every leash that I make, as well as some newer Items I have been kicking around.