A Sneak Peek.

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Since the Armada Flea Market has wound down a bit, I have been Working on some new leashes.  A few 6 Strand Modified Round Braids to replace some that recently sold, and a couple of new ones. One is Black and Red, the other is Camo called Woodland Digital and Black ( No Pictures Yet ).

And with all those going on, I started a new 8 Strand Gaucho Leash. This one is going to be a bit different than the others. Sort of a new Model. I went with Black and a Camo called Veteran,

Black and Veteran Sneak Peak               Black and Veteran Sneak PeekBlack and Veteran Sneak Peek

some different Finishing wraps at the Handle and the Latch will be used on this one. this leash will also have Solid Brass Hardware including an accessory ring.

I’m thinking this one is going to be for my Dog Karma, Along with a new  Matching Collar. Better Pictures will be taken of both when done and the set will be posted for sale (Yours will be New of course) shooting for maybe by Sunday afternoon? This Leash is a bit time consuming and I still do not know what to use for the Collar.