Winding Down…

Sunset Jewitt Lake

This year I really spent a lot of time going to the Armada Flea Market, it is only 1 day a week, but it really takes a bit of effort to make it happen and usually ends up with me Not Sleeping but a couple hours on the weekends.                                             But I want to do more.

I have a lot of ideas to work on, some of them are along the same theme as Pet Gear and stuff. Others are a definite branching out into other territories, the bigger variety of items I can put out hopefully will result in more sales.

So once again, as things are winding down for the season, I am working on my strategy for next year. More Items, More Flea Markets, and probably some bigger Art/ Craft shows here and there, and expanding My website and Etsy Shop. Maybe I can finish working on my other website and finally get that to go live.