Almost there!

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I have been really wanting to start another Website/ Blog. I am leaning towards a Dog Blog/ Pet gear stuff and whatever else pet oriented.

My current dog, Karma, has been an awesome pet, she is smart, playful, a spas at times and just good natured.


Karma with Red and Black Collar

I adopted her three years ago from a rescue that goes to Costa Rica and mother places, it was not intentional to adopt a dog from another country; but here she is. I learned that they slaughter the dogs almost immeadiately when they catch them there. Very sad.

So I want to do a little something to bring some awareness about rescues, and overall animal pet adoptions while also focusing on the crap that thes so called pet food and snack places put out as their products, it is truly disgusting.

So I’m almost there with it, I should be getting a new domain this weekend and then a week or two to get the website together.

All this and the Wife and I are looking forward to getting another dog, Karma is long over due for a friend to chill out with. It will definately be a rescue dog not some puppy mill pet.

Stay tuned