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Well, the site seems to be ok. I will continue to tinker with it here and there, but the Majority of it is all good.¬† Still Lots of Content to post, I’m working on another belt and have a few people that are very interested in getting one for themselves. I have made some improvements from the first one and am very pleased with how it looks and feels. It is about 95% there for what I was shooting for.

It is difficult at times to come up with things to make, I have a zillion ideas  and not the time to work on them, so I tend to be selective with what I do.

Right now I am working on a 3 color, 8 Strand Gaucho braid Leash, I hope to have pictures up of the finished product by the weekend.

I have this idea for a guitar strap for my guitar, I have colors picked out and on hand but have been searching for the right hardware ( I can be very picky), And the weave I am looking at is difficult to say the least. But I hope to start it before Christmas.