New Year.

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One of the First Things I ever Braided or Tied, was a Monkey Fist. Probably not the Best Knot to Start with, But that is what I chose to do. I researched a lot, watched a Ton of Videos, and Learned. After looking at a Zillion other Monkey Fist Key Chains, I developed My Own Creation. It is Not Completely Original though, all the Knots and Braids I use Have been Around for a Long Time, But the Design/ Layout of how it is made is all Mine. I have lost count of How many I have made and Ultimately Sold, Not real good at Keeping Track of things


Since the Monkey Fist, I have Focused on Designing My own things. My 6 Strand and 8 Strand Dog leashes are my own Design also. My Next goal is to Make a Different Color Scheme 6 or 8 Strand Leash every month. From Start to Finish which includes Color Choices, 2 Color or 3 Color, Hardware Type…it can be about two weeks, I stress real Hard over the colors, I want them to be Bold and Stand out when Finished. once I have the Colors I have chose in hand it can be a few hours to Complete, I take extra time when making one the First time, it will be the One pictured here on my website.






This Christmas I received a new Camera, My other Camera is pretty nice, Nikon Coolpix/ Wi-Fi/ GPS/ Under Water/ Shock Proof…But for getting proper color out of Paracord not so Nice. So My New Camera a Sony Something/ Something I can hopefully get Better Color out of My Pictures. The Worst is anything Pink, it looks like a Light rose color in pictures when it is a Vivid Neon, Hot Pink. And being as Pictures is How I sell My Products to everyone I need the Best Pictures I can Get. Hopefully when I get my “Studio’ Better Situated, the Pictures will be far Better.

Have a Great New Year.