Custom Work

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I had a Custom request for a Three Color Monkey Fist Key chain with a 1 1/4 Inch bearing and a Solid Brass Ring instead of a Split Ring. The monkey fist part took a bit longer than normal to finish. the Cord slides to the side a lot so it must be adjusted Several times.



I get requests for Custom work from time to time, and getting requests for things I have never made before or things similar to what I make, can be very Challenging. Usually it is a request for a different color combination than what is offered, or a different length of something that is offered. As time goes on I try to come up with different things myself.

The Monkey Fist is the first somewhat difficult Knot I ever attempted, now I can make one for a Key chain with a 1 Inch bearing in just minutes. It is funny how making one with a 1 1/4 inch bearing is literally a different beast. But with Custom Work, adjusting to new things is the Fun Part.


Red, Charcoal and Black Diamonds


The worst part is Hoping the Customer is satisfied with the finished Product.

So I like to put pictures out there of the different kinds of Custom Work I do make, to see how people react to them. some of them I will never make again, but others I might make one here and there or really make o lot of them. You never Know.