Armada Flea Market

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Well hopefully the Weather is a bit nicer this coming Sunday for the Armada Flea Market, No rain expected with a high of 57 forecast. Not to bad but hopefully a bit warmer.

.Armada Flea Market


I will be setting up a Discount Code for anyone that uses one of my cards. You can get a card with the code at my stand if you stop by.  A lot of People look but are unsure what they want, some of my items are size dependent. I am trying to have at least one each, of the different variations of belts I offer. These are “UN-sized”, I make them pretty long with enough to make them Bigger, making them shorter is not an Issue. This seems like the best way to make them available on Site for customers who want a belt while they are there. The same issue with my Collars, I try to have a Variety of them on hand but there are a lot of Variations to deal with. Of course both of these can be purchased online here or at my Etsy Shop, where any size or color variation is possible.

Hope to see you there,