Also, Also…

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I have a couple new Categories almost ready. the first one will be “Slings, Straps and Belts“, I have already made a belt for myself, and have orders for a couple more right now, I need some more pictures and those will be ready.

The Straps, I have an Idea for a Guitar Strap, I’ve Looked at a few on-line and though there are some nice ones I am Working on one that is a bit different, One, it will be mine so it has to be nice, plus it is basically going to be my prototype.

And Gun Slings, I started one a while back and just have not been back to it, But I was recently messaged by a friend about one so those are going to be soon.

Once these are done or as their done, They will be posted in their new section.

Miscellaneous Mayhem ( I think ), will be a place for one offs, oddball colored things, and whatever else; interesting at least.